There are many resources to support you in starting a station.  Here are a few organizations, websites, and tools to assist you in applying for an LPFM.

Common Frequency – Our main website has many more articles about the field of community radio as a whole as well as FCC updates. – Here’s where you download form 318, register for a CDBS account, file your application, and get general information about LPFM.

RadioSpark -  This is an online community developed for LPFM applicants and other community radio supporters.  There are many resources on this site including a directory of engineers, lawyers, and other skilled professionals.  Create a profile and connect with other applicants and experts.

RFree - This is a free channel finding tool developed by the Prometheus Radio Project.  You can use this tool to find an available channel in your area.  You have to sign up for a free account on RadioSpark in order to use this tool.

REC Networks – This site has lots and lots of free information about community radio and the FCC.  Alot of the info is technical, but still very useful. Check out their maps, they are very cool!!

MyLPFM -  This is a channel finding tool created by REC Networks.  Log in, create an account and see if there is an available channel. One nifty feature is that you can search on existing towers.

Prometheus Radio Project – Our friends at Prometheus are also offering support for LPFM applicants.  They have a wealth of information on their site about community radio, LPFM, and the FCC.  They have many great profiles of existing LPFM stations if you are looking to get an idea of what to expect.

Radio for People Coalition – This is a group of radio professionals from all over the US which meets monthly to discuss station building, FCC updates, and LPFM.  There is a listserv you can subscribe to which allows you to receive information about the monthly calls and other information shared by all the awesome folks in the group.

Color of Change – CoC is an online campaign organization which supports communities of color. They are supporting applicants who are applying for LPFM and have a lot of great information on their website.

National Federation of Community Broadcasters -  This organization represents community radio stations all over the US. They regularly host webinars, host an annual community radio conference and offer memberships that have discounts for licensing fees and equipment.