LPFM Documents to Help You Apply for a License

September 13, 2013

Interested in Starting a Station and want to DIY?  Follow these steps:

    1. Determine Eligibility
      Checklist for Applying   (courtesy of Prometheus Radio Project)
    2. Find a nonprofit partner (if you are not a nonprofit)
      Nonprofit finder database – by zip code
    3. Find an available channel with the following tools:
      Common Frequency Quick Channel Finder
      FCC Channel Finder
      RFree Channel Finding tool
      MyLPFM Channel Search
    4. Locate a transmission site
      FCC Tower Search (enter coordinates)
      Prometheus Radio Project – Transmission Tool Kit
      FCC’s  Antenna Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT) Calculator
      Antenna Search
    5. Create a CDBS Account
      FCC CDBS Page
    6. Find a broadcast engineer or broadcast attorney
      RadioSpark resources page - search engineering or legal support
    7. Complete Form 318
      FCC Form 318
      FCC’s Webinar on LPFM and Form 318
      Radio Survivor’s  Form 318 Screen shot tour
      Prometheus Radio Project’s Application Guide to Form 318 Non-Technical
      Prometheus Radio Project’s 
      “Technical Guide to Form 318 A – Part A”

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