“Are We Qualified?” Requirements for New LPFM Applicants

July 23, 2013

Application Requirements for LPFM

  •   Available channel frequency
  •   Must be registered as a non-profit
  •   75 % of board members must live within 10 miles of the proposed transmitter location
  •   Nonprofit headquarters must be within 10 miles of the proposed transmitter location.
  •   Must have an educational mission

Meet the FCC Requirements

  • We have confirmed that there is an available channel at our location.
  • We are an eligible nonprofit (or school, government agency, or Indian Tribe) and we can prove it.
  • The members of our board either meet all eligibility requirements or fall into the listed exceptions and we can prove it.
  • Our organization is based close enough to our transmitter site and can prove it.
  • We have a description of our organization’s educational program and ­how our proposed station will be used to advance it.
  • We have a detailed description of the nature of our proposed station programming and, if possible, program schedules.